Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Deodorizing

Yard Sanitizing, Disinfecting & DeodorizingWhy use a dog waste removal service for Coronavirus cleanup, sanitizing and disinfecting services?

Waste removal and disinfectant services go hand in hand. Please read below about our sanitizing process that help prevent or control an outbreak of harmful pathogens.

Perfect for: Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Homes, Schools, Daycares, Salons & Spas, Hotels, Airbnb's, Fitness, Summer Camps, Campsites, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pet Facilities and Government and Municipality.

We are experts at eliminating the toughest viruses, fungi, bacteria, odors, protozoa, mold and algae. This includes preventing the spread of Coronavirus.


Wendy Herrold / Residential Home

Wow!!!! After having my house sanitized it not only smells fresh andclean but knowing how Iím protecting my family is so vitally important. Cornelius is fantastic in explaining the product, what it does and how it will help your living environment. I canít recommend this Veteran Owned company enough. Sign up, get your housesterilized, you wonít regret it at all.

Journey Kerchner-Pirrone / Downtown Social

Cornelius was great, quick, and attentive to our needs!

Nick Valastro / Broadway Barber Lounge

The Sanitizer Squad is professional, on-time and provides an excellent service. In the barbershop industry, and ever-so in today's covid climate, it is important to instill confidence and security with our customers. The Sanitizer Squad allows us to do just that! They are easy to coordinate with and always do a thorough job. Broadway Barber Lounge highly recommends them for any of your disinfectant purposes!

Jamieís Zen Den

I am a sub contractor at Jamieís Zen Den, which is a Barber shop, wellness center with Yoga, healing jewelry boutique and more. Having Cornelius sanitize the whole studio Top to Bottom is so important not just for us but for our clients safety during this pandemic. Having the sense of security knowing how amazing this is product is I know was the smartest decision ever to have him come out to the Zen Den. All Yoga studios, wellness centers, motels and restaurants, daycare facilities and more need to have this done. Cornelius is very educated on explaining what this product does and gets the job done quickly but sufficiently. Get in touch withSanitizer-Squad. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.