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Can you bill me automatically?

Yes! We have the option for reoccurring services.

How will I know its you in my yard?

Our technicians will wear a uniform and carry identification.

Do you offer commercial property clean-up?

Call for an assessment and quote.

How do I know my service was done?

Our technicians will send you a text message letting you know we have visited your home.

How do you accept payment? 

We accept all major credit cards.  Billing will be charged on Sundays.

Does the first visit cost extra?

If you are a first-time customer, there may be a one-time initial cleanup fee if there is an accumulation of pet waste.

Do you work through the winter? 

We continue to clean up your yard throughout the Fall, weather permitting, until the last week of October. If there is a significant snowfall, we will skip your service for the week, and you will not be charged. You may also choose to suspend your service for the winter, but there will be a one-time spring clean up fee when you resume later.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there are no contracts or minimum service periods and no advance notice for cancellation. 

Do you have special rates for seniors/elderly, disabled customers, and/or Veterans?

We offer a 10% discount for seniors/elderly, disabled customers, and Veterans.

Can we leave our dogs in the yard while you are cleaning?

No, this could be a liability to you or a liability to the company if your dog was to bite an employee or escape from your yard.

What are my responsibilities as a homeowner?

Please ensure the grass is mowed, that your yard is free of hazards (construction debris, snakes, bees and etc.), that our employees have access to the yard and lastly that your dog is not left out in the yard.  If any of the above responsibilities are not met you will be charged the regular service charge fee plus an additional one if we have to come back on-site.

Is it possible to just get a one-time service?

Sure! One time service is very popular during the spring months, but one time service and short-term service can be arranged almost any time of year. Please call or email for details and a free quote.

Is the business Insured?

Yes, the business is fully insured.

What happens if there’s bad weather?

When severe weather conditions arise, anyone with a service in place will receive a phone call, text message or email from us to inform you that we will not be completing your services today.

How do weather-delayed services get rescheduled?

In may cases our technicians will work to make sure your service is rescheduled for later in the same week. If weather conditions continue to be a problem and delay service, your service will resume the following week as scheduled.

Do you work on holidays?

No, our technicians do not work on major holidays. Your service will resume the following week if it falls on an official holiday.

Will my yard be 100% free from pet waste?

We will do our very best to make your yard as clean as possible, consistent with the current condition of your lawn and grass height. The condition of the pet waste also has a factor in what we do. Sometimes a less than solid pile will leave a residue on the grass. That usually dries up quickly, or gets washed away by the rain or sprinklers within a day or so.

If the dog leaves some waste directly under, behind, or around low bushes or shrubs, we may sometimes miss it. The waste may not always be visible. We always do our best.

If your pool deck, patio, or any other solid area that we clean has a stain or residue left on it after we scoop, we do not hose it down or scrub the area. Here in NY, the sun will quickly dry up and turn the residue into dust. If we hose it off, there is a good chance that some of the water will run into your swimming pool, and we do not want to take any chances of any contaminated water entering your pool.

What is Wysiwash? 

Wysiwash is a sanitizing, deodorizer, and disinfecting solution that delivers safe, accurate concentrations of chlorine-based sanitizer.  This mild, yet highly effective cleaning solution has been trusted by various industry professionals, such as animal kennel owners for over 15 years.  It also gives you cleaner, better smelling dog areas to include kennels.  Wysiwash kills viruses and bacteria, deodorizes and neutralizes mold all in one step.

Is Wysiwash a green alternative product? 

Wysiwash's sanitizing solution is biodegradable and its no rinse formula saves water. We will spray down your entire pool deck, including the patio furniture, chairs, tables, railings, and showers. Wysiwash won't destabilize your pool's pH.  It’s eco-friendly as well.

What does it mean that Wysiwash is “pet safe”?

It means that when used as instructed the Wysiwash Sanitizing Solution will not cause harm to your pet.

Is its safe for use around my plants? 

The Wysiwash Sanitizer and the solution it produces are completely safe for use on grass, plants, trees, etc.

Is it safe to return animals back into areas that are still wet

It is best to allow the area  to dry before returning animals to kennels and there play areas that have been sanitized with Wysiwash.  However, if you can’t let the area dry completely, then we recommend rinsing the area (after the contact time has elapsed).  Rinsing will break up any spots where Wysiwash may be concentrated.  Squeegeeing can help dry areas faster.

Besides pet odor, what else can Wysiwash eliminate? 

It can eliminate mold and algae on concrete.

Do you need access to my spigot for the Wysiwash service? 

Yes, we need access to your spigot plus it needs to be accessible and in good working condition.

What is Effersan? 

Effersan is a highly effective multi-purpose disinfecting and sanitizing tablet.  Effersan is the perfect, portable companion to Wysiwash-pet safe, eco-friendly, and effective against a broad range of pathogens.

Can you use Effersan tablets in your washer? 

Effersan is perfect for getting pet smells out of blankets and towels.  Use on whites or colors.

Does Effersan prevent mold and algae? 

Effersan neutralizes the spores that cause mold and algae to grow, which treats the root of the problem.

Does Effersan deodorize surfaces? 

Effersan eliminates odors by killing the germs that cause them.  For example, users say that Effersan is powerful enough to get rid of the stench that dumpsters and trashcans (Stores dog pet waste) develop in the summer.

What is your referral program?

If you refer another customer, who signs up for a WEEKLY service, we will credit your account $25 for up to 2 new customers a season. They must complete a month of weekly services in order for you to receive a credit. Please make sure they let us know who refered them! One time cleanups do not apply.


*Prices are subject to change due to the size of your yard, more than 6 dogs, and extra distance.
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