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Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Deodorizing

Yard Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Deodorizing

Why use a dog waste removal service for Coronavirus cleanup, sanitizing and disinfecting services?

Waste removal and disinfectant services go hand in hand. Please read below about our sanitizing process that help prevent or control an outbreak of harmful pathogens.
Perfect for: Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Homes, Schools, Daycares, Salons & Spas, Hotels, Airbnb's, Fitness, Summer Camps, Campsites, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pet Facilities and Government and Municipality.

We are experts at eliminating the toughest viruses, fungi, bacteria, odors, protozoa, mold and algae. This includes preventing the spread of Coronavirus.


CS90X is the first and only one-step Antimicrobial Disinfecting Coating. It is the only antimicrobial coating that contains a hospital grade disinfectant to initially kill disease-causing microbes and then hinder their growth on the surface for up to 90 days. All other antimicrobial coatings require a disinfection step to take place prior to applying. CS90X removes this step, saving the end user time and money. Apart from protecting surfaces from harmful disease-causing microbes, it increases the surface’s durability, appearance, and corrosion resistance.

What is the Need of CS90X?

There is an increase in the need to protect surfaces from germs and harmful microbes. From equipment and walls, to textiles and food, everything is susceptible to microbes, which ultimately find a way to harm human beings. It is impossible to continuously clean, disinfect or use strong chemicals on surfaces to prevent the growth of germs. In this scenario, CS90X is the best option. Simply coat the surface with CS90X, to provide a more secure and long-term solution.

Where Is CS90X Used?

An essential requirement of antimicrobial coatings such as CS90X is in the medical field. All healthcare facilities face the risk of HCAIs. Antimicrobial coatings help to reduce the spread of germs through common areas like switches, doorknobs, etc. Further, CS90X can be used on catheters, surgical devices, medical electronics, medical instruments, and trays. to minimize the risk of infection during medical procedures. It is now even used for hospital fabrics, including gloves, surgical masks, wound dressing, bandages, woven hospital textiles and nonwoven hospital textiles.

CS90X is useful for a variety of buildings like schools, office buildings, restaurants, public venues and residential buildings for long-term protection from disease-causing microbes. They are also used vastly in maintaining the indoor air quality in air handling systems, like ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, ceilings and fans. CS90X is effective in combating mold growth and regrowth on various surfaces like automotive components, walls, ceiling pipes, etc.

CS90X is used in the food sector as well, finding use in food processing units, dairy, large-scale production, as well as in the utensils and containers used in the process. In the textile sector, it helps provide durability, freshness, and stain resistance to fabrics.

What Are the Benefits of CS90X?

Protection Against Microbes

First and foremost, CS90X protects against the growth of various
microbes like bacteria, fungi, algae, mold, etc. Tests have shown that
the application of CS90X on surfaces inhibits the growth of different
microorganisms. A surface becomes an unfavorable environment for
microbes to grow and survive as long as CS90X is applied to it. It also
leads to preventing staining, the presence of any bad odor, or
degradation of the applied surface.

Fewer Disinfectants Needed

The use of CS90X on surfaces reduces the need for harsh cleaning
agents and disinfectants required to deal with stubborn microbes in
public facilities. This gradually leads to a reduction in the
environmental impact of using these cleaning agents in buildings,
especially medical facilities.


CS90X helps reduce maintenance costs. When CS90X is applied on a
surface, it prevents staining, discoloration, leeching or other factors
that affect the look of the object. It saves the extra financial burden
and labor that would have been required for the upkeep or replacement of
these objects.

Health and Cleanliness

Consider the case of an office, school, or hospital where there are a
large number of people. There is a high probability of the spread of
infections in such places. The presence of CS90X on surfaces helps to
combat the spread of these infections or diseases to a large extent.
CS90X protects the high-volume trace points like doorknobs, switches,
railings, and furniture. Further, it contributes to cleanliness by
decreasing the presence of bacteria and germs in the air.

Increased Lifespan

Protection from microbes coupled with the maintenance provided by
CS90X increases the general lifespan of objects, as they are protected
against discoloration, odor and other damage caused by microbial

Infrastructure Value

The application of CS90X not only protects surfaces but also
contributes to the infrastructure standard as a whole. The existence of
CS90X on the surface enables organizations to provide a safer and
cleaner environment for the people in it. Its use carries a more
profound message that organizations do care about the safety and
atmosphere that they provide to people. It certainly adds to the value
of the building and its overall infrastructure.

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