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Wysiwash® Sanitizing Deodorizing System

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For pricing on a large yard (over 1/2 acre) with scooping and without scooping, please contact us to schedule an on-site visit to get a quote.

The Wysiwash® Sanitizing Deodorizing System is trusted by animal care professionals across the US. The EPA-approved Wysiwash Sanitizing System works on viruses and bacteria, and deodorizes all in one step.

If your dogs are relieving themselves on your pool deck or patio, it can be sprayed away with a hose. But that is not disinfecting it. We are proud to offer outdoor pet waste disinfecting and deodorizing services.

Let us give your yard, pool deck, pet and family area the sanitizing and disinfecting that today's situation calls for! We are experts in outdoor pet waste disinfecting and deodorizing services.

You are already doing your part by having us scoop up your dog's waste.  Now you can let us help you keep your pet and play areas healthy and clean and smelling nice!

Wysiwash is a powerful, eco-friendly deodorizer that removes the smells left behind by pet urine and feces on grasses and surfaces in just one step.

While we are there to scoop the poop, we can spray down your entire yard with Wysiwash. Wysiwash will kill the odor causing bacteria, stopping the smell at the source.

This is your yard, enjoy it!

Powerful Sanitizer: Effective against a wide range of pathogens including Canine Parvovirus, Feline Calicivirus, and Feline Panleukopenia.

Trusted Kennel Cleaner: Animal shelters, veterinarians, boarding kennels, and breeders rely on Wysiwash to keep their animals healthy.

Green Alternative to Traditional Sanitizers: Wysiwash's sanitizing solution is biodegradable and its no rinse formula saves water.

We will spray down your entire pool deck, including the patio furniture, chairs, tables, railings, and showers. Wysiwash won't destabilize your pool's pH.  

We are offering disinfecting and sanitizing service only.  We are not cleaning, pressure washing, or scrubbing pool decks or walkways.  It should be noted that we will come out and survey your property and provide you with a written estimate regarding sanitizing and deodorizing your areas of  concern.

WYSIWASH for the Homeowner

UPDATED 3/30/20: Important COVID-19 information for animal shelters

The WYSIWASH Advantage

Forms of Chlorine


E. Coli and B. Metiens Spores

Safety Data Sheet Version 2

Original MSDS

Studies from UT Knoxville:

Disinfectant Investigation

WYSIWASH Canine Respiratory Viruses

Bacterial Disinfection Study

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